I love all things makeup and skincare. I’m not a makeup artist and I don’t create makeup tutorials on YouTube (however, I watch a TON of them). I currently own only a few, coveted, high end makeup products. But after purchasing the Bobbi Brown palette, that was so deeply discounted in the Nordstrom sale, I found myself cringing to dare touch that virgin palette with one of my old, pitiful makeup brushes. Not to mention thinking about the loss of product that occurs with a substandard brush.

Makeup Brushes for the everyday woman by BH Cosmetics

But have you SEEN the prices for some of these high end brushes?? I realize that they can last long enough for you to form sentimental attachment as you remember applying your 80’s blue eyeshadow together. But for the way *I* do makeup, I just can’t justify that kind of money for brushes.

However, if there is a brand out there reading, who would like to gift me with high end makeup brushes to prove to me just how embarrassingly wrong I am- I am your humble servant and am ready to receive.

I set out to find a set of makeup brushes for the use of the everyday woman at a price point she could afford. The woman (Let’s be honest- I’m speaking of myself here.) who enjoys applying makeup, trying new things, but still likes to keep things low key on an everyday basis.

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I sent out my quest to my Facebook followers and boy oh boy did you deliver! So much knowledge out there! After perusing all of the sites and brands that were recommended, I ended up purchasing this brush set from BH Cosmetics.  It set me back about $20 and I could not be happier. If you haven’t shopped at BH Cosmetics, I highly recommend it! All of the products I have used are very impressive. The cosmetics are very pigmented, well packaged and literally a FRACTION of the price of the higher end, more well known stores like Sephora and Ulta. I’m hugely impressed- and so is my wallet. They always have some great deals and promos so check them out!

BH Cosmetics

Back to the brush set.

Makeup brushes for the non makeup artist!

This is an 11 piece set that comes with an adorable cosmetic bag, all in beautiful rose gold tones. The bag is one I would actually use and not as cheap as it looks on the web site, so that was a pleasant surprise. It actually feels quite luxe and has a nice, substantial, padded feel.

makeup brushes for the non makeup artist!

The brushes are synthetic but incredibly soft. The synthetic brush wont soak up all of your creamy foundations and liquid products like a natural bristled makeup brush will. This means more product goes on your face and less product goes down the drain when you clean your brushes!

Makeup brushes for average, everyday use.

The back of the box lists the brushes by “use” and number, so if you are just starting out with makeup, this can also be a helpful guide.

Makeup Brush Haul for average everyday use!

The brushes are absolutely stunning and include all the basics to do an entire, beautiful makeup look every day……and the ability to feel glamorous while doing it! I LOVE the way they look on my current, makeshift vanity that I have going on in this cabin. All this for about $20.

Fabulous makeup brush set for average everyday use.

My favorite brushes in this set, so far are the #5 blending brush and #4 pointed crease brush. These have transformed the way I am able to get my eye makeup to look! I am currently intrigued with the trend of makeup application that uses light and shadows to give you a perceived “eye lift”, or a more chiseled jaw line, etc. Using makeup to play tricks on the eye- I’m all about it! It’s amazing how the right tools can get you there! A Fabulous set of makeup brushes, for average, everyday use.

If you are looking for a solid set of useful brushes that doesn’t break the bank and looks completely gorgeous on your dressing table, I can highly recommend these. You can check them out here. I totally LOVE them and am using them every day with complete satisfaction.

There are MANY amazing makeup brushes and brands out there but the other most recommended brands from my Facebook followers were Morphe, Sigma and IT.

How is your makeup brush collection? Do you spend big money on your brushes or are you a Frugal Fran like me?

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Affordable, Quality Makeup Brushes for everyday Use!

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