The closet edit. How to organize your closet, no matter the size!

I do adore clothing, shoes, accessories and all things make-up and hair. I love it. I’ve loved it since birth. But I am also not a very creative person. I do think really great style is extremely creative. Not always in an outlandish, bright colors and patterns kind of way, but also in a beautiful polished, understated look.

I am more of an organized, list making ,kind of gal, so chances are, if I have to step into my closet and “wing it”, the results are going to be rather deflating to say the least. I like to feel “pulled together” each day and I think it makes me more productive. So, I’ve organized my closet to make things easier for myself each day.

I’ve lived with closets of every shape and size and over the years, I’ve gotten quite good at organizing any size closet space. The house that we are in now, has a rather large, but dated closet and since it is a rental, we can’t change anything. But the tips here will work for ANY size closet and ANY size wardrobe. So, Come on in- lets organize your closet!

organize your closet
Welcome to my closet! Its on the larger side but laid out weird. Its not super clean, so don’t judge.

Now, as an aside, I do purge my closet quite often, so if you haven’t done that in a long time, start there and only keep what you will wear and love. Be ruthless. My favorite way to do this is through ThredUp. I’ll do another post about that, but it’s easy and you get a little $$ back without ever leaving your house. I absolutely love it.

The best thing to focus on after you clean out your closet is making everything as VISIBLE as possible.

When I have to plan an outfit for the day, I will most often start with what shoes I will be wearing, so being able to SEE all of your shoes in plain sight, is very helpful. Here is the way I have done mine, and I will NEVER go back!organize your closet

It does take a bit of effort to get this set up, because you have to snap a pic of each shoe ,print it out and affix it to the box, but really, this is SO worth the time and effort to be able to protect your shoes as well as SEE them when you are planning an outfit. The black boxes(or other colors)  can be purchased at Uline. organize your closet

If you have accessories, get them out into the open! Handbags can go on shelves or hooks, scarves can be placed on shower curtain rings and hung in the closet. Belts can be kept on a hanger with clips, or if you have a tone of them, place them in baskets on shelf, divided by thin and wide. Baskets are also great if you have a lot of sunglasses.organize your closetorganize your closet

Next, you will want to group your clothing. A lot of people will group all of their clothing by color. I think this works well if you are a creative person. I like to group by type. Here are the groupings that I use:

DRESSES- hung, side by side on regular hangers

JEANS- all hung together, folded once on regular hangers

DRESS COATS, JACKETS and BLAZERS- hung together on heavy hangersorganize your closet

LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS- hung together on regular hangers

SHORT SLEEVED/SLEEVELESS SHIRTS- hung together on regular hangers

SWEATERS- folded and stacked on a shelf

organize your closet
Fold your sweaters if at all possible to keep them from stretching out.

WORK OUT CLOTHES , TEES, SHORTS and UNMENTIONABLES- all go divided into a small dresser

If you have more drawer space than hanging space then by all means, fold some items and put them in drawers, but these groupings will still work to keep you organized.

This makes my life SOOOooo much easier! I LIKE walking into my closet! (Even though the design of this closet is kind of ugly)….I LIKE walking in there every morning! If you take the time to do this, you will always know where your things are, what you have to wear and you can pull together something in a flash.

I hope that you found something here useful and that it inspires you to go ahead and begin organizing your closet. Remember: if you don’t SEE it, you’re not going to WEAR it. Get everything out in the open so you can put it together!

Next time, we will talk more about ThredUp and how to put together some everyday “go to” outfits to get up and going quickly in the mornings.