Inspiration for Women Over 40: walking at homeI intend to start sharing videos of what we get up to each week ,outdoors. I hope it will inspire you to get outside in the fresh air more often. I have readers from all over the world, so I thought I’d kick off “Fresh Air Fridays” with a look at the neighborhood where I live. I am BIG on walking at home right now…. Like- HUGE.

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I used to run more, but now I find myself enjoying walking. Maybe it’s because of Winston- Saint Bernards aren’t exactly the best breed of dog to take for a run….. That face! Inspiration for women over 40: walking at home for exercise. Fresh Air Fridays. That dog though. :-)

Or maybe it’s my aging body, that gives me a bit of joint crankiness whenever I begin a new exercise again. (For the record, that crankiness DOES typically work its self out after awhile, as I stick to whatever I am doing). Or maybe it’s because we have just moved to this house and I’m not really familiar with the area.

Or- maybe I’m just being lazy- I don’t know.

But for now- I am doing a lot of walking at home during the week and I really like it.Inspiration for walking at home!

I know my friends and family on the east coast and in the UK are yelling at me right now about how hot and humid it is outside and sistas- I’VE. BEEN. THERE. I lived in Virginia pretty much my whole life, I KNOW what it’s like to get up early to try to beat the heat only to step outside into sauna-like conditions and realize there IS NO “beating the heat”. Anyway, it probably goes without saying that y’all need to find yourself some water and get outside that way- you can tell me all about how awesome your walks are in the fall. 🙂 Inspiration for women over 40: Walking at home for exercise.

We live in the mountains so the summer weather is more tolerable. The terrain is pretty much downhill/uphill the whole time, so it definitely gets your heart rate up. Its so easy to just throw my kicks on, grab Winston’s leash and head out the door, and I find myself looking forward to it.

If there is one thing that I am learning working at this little blog of mine, it’s that I have to spend a LOT of time on my backside. So, if you are a blogger, PLEASE tell me how you work in exercise into your week! Everything else I am doing at the moment is very hit and miss and that isn’t typically like me….so- I need a better plan!

I wanted to share some of the scenery with you around my new hood. Come take a little walk with Winston and I, hope you like it.

We often overlook the fact that among the loads of other benefits, exercise plays a huge roll in anti-aging as well, so to sound completely a bore: We Need To Exercise!  Its true. Find what you like and get after it. Inspiration for Women Over 40: Walking at home for exercise.

Do you like to get outside to get some exercise? I’d love to hear what your neighborhood is like and if you would ever consider walking at home as a daily activity. We all live in different areas so I enjoy hearing from readers in other places and how they go about getting some exercise. Fresh Air Fridays…….it’s about to be a thing.

P.S.-Please help me live my dream to wash my face and then get paid to tell people about it, by sharing, liking and commenting! 😀 Best.readers. Ever. 



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Exercise Inspiration forWomen Over 40! Walking at home for exercise!

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