For years I was a personal trainer and I would get questions like this a lot: “What are the best workout clothes over 40?” “What am *I* supposed to wear to workout?” It seems that there are LOADS of workout clothes for young girls with tight, toned arms and abs. Gals with no back fat and no extra boobage to worry about, have so many bright, cheery options to slide their lithe, perky little bodies into. My apologies- is my aged bitterness showing through here?

But seriously, what about the rest of us? What ARE the options for workout clothes over 40? Those of us for whom age has unceremoniously dolloped another inch or two around our middle? Those of us fighting to wriggle those “when-the-hell-did-these-get-so-big” breasts into an athletic bra… and then shake and jiggle them into place to avoid the dreaded uni-boob? Those of us who may not be overly jazzed at the sight of our arms flapping around the gym in all their untoned glory?

I’ll tell you this: It is a damned unfair world to ask someone to go sweat it out when their workout clothes make them feel SO UNFLATTERING already.  Am I right? 

Well, soul sistas, you’ve got questions and I’ve got answers.Finally! Work out clothes made for women over 40!; workout clothes over 40

Meet Tenaz Athletics . This innovative, made in the USA company, immediately grabbed my attention with this line:

“Our mission at Tenáz Athletics is to inspire in women a tenacity for staying fit and healthy regardless of age, fitness level, body type, or other perceived obstacles. ” 

Where has this been all of my Over 40 life? They were kind enough to send me one of their athletic tops to try out and ladies I. am. hooked.Finally! Workout clothes designed for women over 40!; workout clothes over 40

First of all, a million thank you’s to Jacqui Hook, Founder/Owner of Tenaz Athletics for seeing the need and answering the call for those of us whose bodies aren’t “Forever 21”. You are my hero. My glorious, athletic wear hero.

Finally! Workout clothes made for women over 40!; workout clothes over 40

This functional and innovative top is designed with US in mind. It has such a flattering fit by just skimming the body around the waist without being too tight. So- you know what I’m sayin’ here right? Let me blunt: It doesn’t accentuate all of your rolls. Um, seriously……. thank you. The side panels are positioned and shaped in such a way that they also give a much more slimming silhouette. It won’t flop around when you run or jump, and it will still stay put in yoga (no flashing the person behind you while in downward-facing-dog. – YAY!)

Finally! Workout clothes designed for women over 40!;workout clothes over 40

The real show stopper of this top though, is the sleeves. These innovative sleeves are made of a silky mesh that is tight enough to give your arms a more toned appearance while still allowing for maximum movement. When I saw this feature online, I was afraid it would be restrictive on my arms, which would be a no-go for me. That is not the case at all. It has a silky stretch to it that is super comfortable. Weight work outs were awesome with this top, because my arms looked SO ,much better while I was working out. And that my friends, is a HUGE motivator.Finally! Workout clothes designed for women over 40!; workout clothes over 40

The sizing is straight forward and it is machine washable. The garment is extremely well made with finished seams, so no scratching next to your skin and the textile is made to keep you cool and dry. It gives the coolness of a sleeveless tank without worrying about all of your arm flab. (Jacqui- it’s like you’re in my head.)  In addition, it’s cute enough to be able to run errands before the gym without feeling the need to change.

Finally! Workout clothes designed for women over 40!; workout clothes over 40

If you are looking for athletic wear that will MOTIVATE you to work out, instead of leaving you feeling super self conscious, check out Tenaz Athletics AND as a special offer, take 30% off of your purchase by using the code FRIEND30! They offer FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS, so there’s no catch.

I am all about anything that makes me feel more confident to reach my goals. So say goodbye to fretting over your lumps and jiggles and get out there and start moving forward!

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Until next time lovely ladies!